Political farmers – Maria Catharina Alfort and her descendants

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From beyond the seas – A history of the Alfort family.

Chapter 6

Political farmers – Maria Catharina Alfort and her descendants

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Maria Catharina Ahlfort’s story is one of continuously striving to retain her position in society in spite of having married a lowly farmhand against her parents’ will. Having been disinherited, she was forced to settle in a tiny soldier’s cottage with her new family until her brother helped her to a farm. In the end, their children got some of the inheritance that she should have had, and she even inherited another home, much against her mother’s wishes, which allowed them to rise further in society. This helped them establish themselves as respected citizens, and several of the couple’s children and grandchildren became politicians, jurymen and church wardens, although they usually performed this duties in addition to farming. With time, this part of the family would prosper and grow to some thousands of descendants.

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