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Welcome to the Alfort family archives

On these pages you will find lots of material about the descendants of Erik Alfort (1659-1730).

Since his father, a British master shipwright, emigrated to Sweden in the middle of the 17th century, the family tree has grown very large. Only one small branch still bears the name of Alfort – the one which we shall call D1b: Alfort in Stockholm, but there are other branches with the names Ahlfort, Alford (in America), Ahlforth (in America) and Alforn and Ahlforn, apart from the many descendants who now have other names. All branches of the tree are eventually to be described in this archive, but it will take a long time to complete, as there are several thousand people to get acquainted with.

I have studied thousands of documents from all sorts of archives in order to understand what kind of people they were who planted the tree and made it blossom back in Östergötland more than three centuries ago. I was astounded and touched by their life stories and could not stop my search. Now I long to recount some of the stories to you!

Recommended reading

There are so many exciting stories to tell. While most materials in this site are provided in Swedish only, I am currently working on an reader-friendly introduction to the family history which is being published in instalments, and most chapters in this chronicle are in English. The chronicle is fuller and contains more in-depth treatment of the family history than the brief Swedish version which relies on a multitude of links to posts with further information. You will find the chronicle here.

Be aware that the text may change over time as all texts are updated regularly. You can search for texts updated on a certain date, month or year by searching for the relevant part of the date, e.g. 02-2016 for posts updated during February 2016.

You will find various family trees here.

Feel free to use the feedback functionality below to ask any questions you might have concerning the texts.

Contribute to the archives

We want to share our materials with relatives in other branches! We think everyone in the family deserves to have their share of the stories. If you have something to tell or images to add to the collection, please don’t hesitate to write a comment at the bottom of any post or use the feedback functionality. I shall then contact you for further information.

Thank you so much for sharing!


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