The emigrant

John Peterson

  John Petrus Peterson (22/1 1886 – after 1946)
  D3c branch []
  Son of Per Carlsson & Hedda Sofia Karlsdotter
  Hårdaholmen, Blåvik, Östergötland, Sweden
icon-globe  Emigrated to North America

  Primary sources

John Peterson in the 1940s (possibly at his fathers death in 1946). Detail from photo kindly provided by Margareta Sigbladh.

John emigrates from Blåvik to Illinois in March 1906. He settles at 413, 5th av. in Molinaicon-map-marker, where he is naturalised as an American citizen in 1913. Many of his relatives have gone to the same place over the years.

John Petrus hem i Molina. Källa: Google.

John’s home in Molina. Source: Google.

We do not know how he made a living at that time, but by 1917 he has moved to a farm in Almont, Morton co. in North Dakotaicon-map-marker, where he is registered as a farmer when he is drafted for WWI. He has blue eyes and light brown hair.

John Petrus' namnteckning när han registreras för Första Världskriget.

John Petrus’ signature ca. 1917.

Although he clearly states that he farms for himself, he actually seems to be partnering another Swedish farmer, Aron H. Bergstrom. At least, he shares the farm with him and his family, and in 1930 is registered as his farming partner at a farm in Feland district of the same county. Soon after he rents his own farm, however. He never marries.

John with his brothers and sisters in the 1940s, possibly when their father died in 1946. Photo kindly provided by Margareta Sigbladh.

Research data

  •  signature: John Petrus Peterson (1917)
  •  name (others’ spellings): John Petrus (1886-1918); Jon Petrus (1894-1906); John Petrus Peterson (1913-1917); John Peterson (1915-1940); farmaren John Petrus Pettersson (1946); farmaren Petrus Pettersson (1946)
  •  b. Blåvik 1886: v37048.b20
  •  hous.ex. 1886-1906 Blåvik: v25061.b131.s118(1886-1894); v175685.b133.s119(1895-1904); v175685.b45.s31(1904-1906)
  •  cens. 1915;1930-1940 Morton: 1915; 1930; 1940
  •  inh. v514171.b4070.s29(1918); v514123.b2370(1946); v514123.b2400(1946)
  •  milit. WWI reg.: 1917-1918
  •  US natural.: 1913