All gone to America

Christina Gustafsdotter & August Jacobson

  Eva Christina Gustafsdotter (5/4 1842 – 4/6 1926)
  G3b branch []
  Daughter of Gustaf Gustafsson & Anna Jacobsdotter
  Säby, Småland

  August Jacobsson/Jacobson (20/8 1838 – 2/11 1925) (m. 15/10 1863 in Säbyicon-map-marker)
  Säby, Småland
  Farmer; harvest laborer; elevator operator
  At least 13 children

  Primary sources

Christinas mother dies when she is born, and her father remarries two years later. In 1847 they move to Liljeholmen manor where here father dies after two years. Christina is 7 years old.

She is then taken on by her mother’s parents, crofters Jacob Larsson and Eva Johansdotter at Börjanicon-map-marker under Kroxtorp, as a foster daughter. However, her grandfather is also old and in fact dies in 1859. One year before that, Christina goes out to serve as maid at Högstorpicon-map-marker. From 1860 she is a maid to her older sister Hedda Klara and her husband at their farm Uddesbo Södergårdicon-map-marker.

1861-1862 she serves with Gustaf Andersson at Slättåsicon-map-marker, along with her brother Frans. The following year she is back at Början.

In 1863 she marries farmer August Jacobsson and settles at Kärringeberg Norrgårdicon-map-marker.

Eva Christina Gustafsdotter and August Jacobsson’s marriage 1863. Säby parish.

She gets pregnant and has twins. They move to Uddarpicon-map-marker, which is owned by the baron at Gripenberg castle. One of the twins dies after two years, but they soon have other children. In 1866 they move to Bredkärr Södergårdicon-map-marker.

In 1871 they buy 5/16 of Röhälla farm. In the early 1880s, he (or she?) seems to be recorded as Kyrko- och Skol-Led., i.e. leader of church and school.

They have 12 children in Sweden.

  •   1.   Johan Knut Augustsson (16/8 1864 – after 1888)
  •   2.   Hedvig Charlotta (16/8 1864 – 24/4 1866)
  •   3.   Axel Augustsson/Jacobson (6/3 1866 – after 1910)
    •  Ereka
  •   4.   Anna Augustsdotter (10/2 1868 – after 1887)
  •   5.   Carl Augustsson (21/9 1869 – after 1900)
    •  Sigrid L.
  •   6.   Emelie (17/4 1872 – after 1887)
  •   7.   August Albin Jacobson (1/3 1874 – 25/8 1911)
    • icon-user ?
  •   8.   Ada (12/2 1876 – 20/1 1882)
  •   9.   Ida Christina Jacobson (10/2 1878 – after 1920)
  • 10.   Elin/Ellen Maria Jacobson (1/1 1880 – after 1900)
  • 11.   Oscar Jacobson (14/11 1881 – after 1900)
  • 12.   Helga (3/4 1884 – after 1887)

It seems that the daughter Ada had some health issues from birth and was sent to Stockholm to be saved in 1877. She survived, but died in an outbreak of diphtheria in 1882, 6 years old.
In 1886 the son Axel emigrated to America, where he settled on a farm in Indiana, southeast of Chicago.

In 1887, the father emigrates to Chicago, and six months later his wife follows with the remaining children except for Johan Knut and Carl who both stay on in Sweden for another year before they too emigrate.

The couple has at least one extra child after moving to Chicago.

  • 13.   Ada Jacobson (17/10 1887 – Oct. 1975)

In 1900 they live in 229 W. 24th Placeicon-map-marker, which is possibly the same address as 2624 W. 24th Street where they are registered in 1910. In 1920 they live at 2728 W. 24th Street.

Initially, he finds work as an elevator operator, while she stays at home and cares for the children. She does not even learn to speak English, unlike him, and unlike their children. In 1910 he has found work at a stove factory, and in 1920 he works as a harvester, presumably outside the city, though they continue to live in the centre.


Johan Knut and Hedvig Charlotta’s baptism 1864. Witnesses: H.Eg. Jacob Pettersson i Brunsmålen och h:s Hustru Johanna Swensd:r, B:r Anders Johansson i Källeryd och h. H. Lotta Jacobsdotter. Säby parish.

Axel’s baptism 1866. Witnesses: H.Eg. Johannes Andersson och Hu:u Hedda Gustafsdotter i Uddesbo. Säby parish.

Anna’s baptism 1868. Witnesses: Hemeg. Claes Andersson o h. h. Eva Jacobsdtr i Bredkärr. Säby parish.

Carl’s baptism 1869. Witnesses: D:r Anders Jacobsson i Brunsmålen, Pig. Emilie Hellgren i Bredkärr. Säby parish.

Emelie’s baptism 1872. Witnesses: Br. Frans Gustafsson i Snällebo o H. Eva Charlotta Andersd:r. Säby parish.

Frans is Christina’s brother.

August Albin’s baptism 1874. Witnesses: Materialskrifv. C.A. Johansson fr. Landeryd, Madame Charl. Andersson fr. Linköping S:t Lars. Säby parish.

Ada’s baptism 1876. Witnesses: H.Eg. Anders Wilh. Johansson o h.h. Charlotta Jacobsd:r i Källeryd. Säby parish.

Ida Christina’s baptism 1878. Witnesses: Br. C. Jakobsson o h. Eva Carlsd:r i Uddarp. Säby parish.

Elin Maria’s baptism 1880. Witnesses: Hemmansegaren David Pettersson och Jungfru Emma Pettersson i Romanäs. Säby parish.

Oscar’s baptism 1881. Witnesses: Johannes Andersson o h. h. Hedda Klara Gustafsd:r, Hemmanseg. i Uddesbo. Säby parish.

Hedda Klara is Christina’s sister.

Helga’s baptism 1884. Witnesses: Arr. Karl Jakob Jakobsson och hans hustru Eva Lotta Karlsd:r från Uddarp. Säby parish.

Research data

  •  name (others’ spellings): Eva Kristina (1842-1847); Eva Christina (1847-1850); Eva Christina Gustafsdotter/Gustafsd:r (1849-1876); Eva Christ./Chr. Gustafsdotter/Gustafsd:r (1855-1879); Pig. Eva Christ. Gustafsd:r (1858-1862); Pig. Eva Christina Gustafsd:r (1860-1863); Eva Chrest. Gustafsd:r (1864-1866); Eva Chr. Gustafsdtr (1867-1871); Eva Charlotta Gustafsd:r (1871); Eva Kristina Gustafsdotter/Gustafsd:r (1880-1885); Ewa Kristina Gustafsd:r (1885-1887); Christina E. Jacobson (1910); Christina Jacobson (1910-1925)
  •  name (others’ spellings): Drängen August Jakobsson (1863); August Jakobsson (1863-1887); Br. August Jakobsson (1864-1871); Bruk./Br. August Jacobsson (1864-1879); Brukaren August Jakobson (1866); H.Eg. August Jacobsson (1871-1876); Aug. Jakobsson (1878); Hemmansegaren August Jakobsson (1882); August Jacobson (1900-1925)
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