Planted the streets of Bellaire

Augusta Lowther & Edward Teas

  AugustaGussie” Josephine Lowther (21/9 1877 – 2/3 1929)
  D2b branch []
  Daughter of Josephina Alford & John Lowther

  Edward Teas (1871 – 10/1 1951) (g. 6/2 1901 i Joplin, Jasper co.)
icon-home  Son of John Teas & Sarah Parker
icon-location-arrow  Joplin, Missouri
  Horticulturist, fruit farmer, owner of the Teas Nursey
  At least 6 children

  Primary sources

Augusta marries Edward Teas, son of John C. Teas and Sarah Parker, who have been fruit farmers since his father started selling apples from his garden in Indiana in 1847. When the farm is moved to Joplin, Missouri in 1868 they acquire nation-wide fame.

The entrepreneur W. W. Baldwin hires the son Edward for planting trees along the streets of Bellaire town and opens the Teas Nursery Company icon-external-link there. Thus from 1910 the family lives in Bellaire, Harris Co., Texas for the rest of their lives. They even expand their business into other landscaping services. Edward’s son Paul is thus a landscape architect. The company has been kept going on 440 Bellaire Blvd by their descendants until 2009, when it was finally closed down after four generations of dedication and turned into a park.

A historical article by Fred Teas in the Bellaire Texan 1954.

The couple has at least 6 children.

  • 1.   FrederickFred” Augustus Teas (6/11 1901 – 1/9 1966)
    •  Blanche Bryant
  • 2.   Paul Parker Teas (6/11 1901 – 14/11 1953)
    •  Annie Jo Smith
  • 3.   Josephine A. Teas (b. 1903)
    •  Frank M. Austin
  • 4.   Edward Jones Teas (b. 1906)
  • 5.   Ruth Teas (b. 1913)
    •  Lee Signor
  • 6.   BenjaminBen” David Teas (Jul. 1915 – 7/1 1976)

Augusta is buried in Houston. Edward later remarried a woman called Ruth R.

Research data

  •  name (others’ spellings): Augusta Lowther (1953); Josephine Augusta Lowther (1866)
  • name (others’ spellings): Edward Teas (1929-1966)
  •  d. Houston 1929 (uremia, chronic nephritis)