Lulu and the barber

Lulu Alford & Isaac Ellis + Walter Stamps

  Lulu M. Alford (23/10 1888 – 8/12 1979)
  D2a branch []
  Daughter of Axel Alford & Anna Newby
  Lawton, Pleasant View, Cherokee co., Kansas

 1. Isaac Clark Ellis (b. 8/2 1896) (m. 25/5 1917 in Jasper co., Missouri)
icon-play  New Mexico, Mexico
icon-wrench  Ore mine labourer
  1 child

 2. Walter ”Walt” Allison Stamps (28/5 1898 – Apr. 1969) (m. 28/5 1931 in Jasper co., Missouri)
  Franklin, Newton co., Missouri
icon-wrench  Barber
  No children

  Primary sources

Lulu marries ore mine labourer Isaac Clark Ellis whose father is a stone mason from Tennessee. However Isaac was born in New Mexico before it became part of the United States, but his father officially immigrated to Butler in northern Missouri from what was then Mexico in 1897. His mother’s origin is given as unknown; she may have been from Mexico.

Alford farms at Lawton. Source: Google.

The couple seems to settle with her mother at the farm in Lawtonicon-map-marker, and they have one child there.

  • 1.   Grant Alford Ellis (9/10 1918 – after 1942)

In 1931 they divorce, and around 940 she marries divorced barber Walter Allison Stamps from Franklin, Newton co., Missouri.

Lulu Alford & Walter Stamps. Source:

The couple first live at 315 North Joplin Street in Galena Township in Joplin, while Isaac remains in Lawton with Lulu’s brother Ernest. By 1942 they have moved to 515 North Wall Street.

The couple is buried in Ozark Memorial Park Cemetery in Joplin.

Lulu & Walter’s grave in Ozark Memorial Park Cemetery in Joplin. She was actually born in 1888, not 1898. Source:

Research data

  •  name (others’ spellings): Lulu Alford (1900-1917); Lulu Ellis (1920); Lulu M. Ellis (1930); Lulu Stamps (1940); Mrs Lulu Stamps (1942)
  • icon-male name (others’ spellings): Isaac C. Ellis (1900-1930); I. C. Ellis (1917); Isaac Ellis (1920)
  • icon-male signature: Walter A. Stamps (1942)
  • icon-male name (others’ spellings): Walter Stamps (1940); Walter Allison Stamps (1942)
  •  cens. 1900;1920-1940 Pleasant View: 1900; 1920; 1930; ; Joplin: 1940
  • icon-male cens. 1900;1920-1940 Mount Pleasant: 1900; Pleasant View: 1940