Gussie from Twin Groves

Augusta Alford & Frank Charlson

  Troë Wilhelmina AugustaGussieAlford (2/4 1855 – 1942)
  D2 branch []
  Daughter of Frans Ahlfort & Johanna Johansdotter
  Knippe, Ekeby, Östergötland, Sweden

  Frank E. Charlson (26/6 1845 – 1907) (m. 12/11 1884 in Jasper, Missouri)
  No children

  Primary sources

Augusta emigrates with her parents from Sweden to Joplin, Missouri as a child.

In 1880 she works as a servant in Carthage city northeast of Joplin, and she marries the Swedish American carpenter Frank E. Charlson there in 1884. They settle in Carl Junctionicon-map-marker, Twin Groves Township north of Joplin.

After his death in 1907 she moves to 515 North Wall Streeticon-map-marker in Joplin.

Gussies hem i Joplin i dag. Källa: Google.

Gussie’s home in Joplin today. Source: Google.

Gussie is reported as Swedish-speaking, and indeed she gives her name as Gussie Sharlson in 1920, which clearly betrays her Swedish pronunciation of the surname.

The couple is buried together at Twin Groves Cemetery. They do not appear to have had any children.

Augusta Alford & Frank Charlson’s Grave at Twin Groves Cemetery. Source:

Research data

  •  name (others’ spellings): Troë Vilhelmina Augusta (1855-1860); Gussie Alford (1880); Gusse Olford (1884); Gussie Charlson (1900-1940); Gussie Sharlson (1920); Augusta Charlson (1942)
  •  name (others’ spellings): Frank E. Charlson (1880-1907)
  •  b. Ekeby 1855: v37219.b69.s130
  •  hous.ex. 1855-1860 Ekeby: v25386.b315.s293(1855-1860)
  •  cens. 1880;1900 Carthage: 1880; Twin Groves: 1900; Joplin: 19201940
  •  cens. 1880;1900 Twin Groves: 1880