Moved to Montana

Carl Jacobson & Esther Halvorson

  Carl Oscar Jacobson (19/7 1894 – 14/12 1964)
  C3c branch []
  Son of Ida Gustafsdotter & Oscar Jakobsson
  Kättebo, Säby, Småland, Sweden
icon-globe  Emigrated to Minnesota

  Esther Julia Halvorson (1897 – 2/11 1992)
  No known children

  Primary sources

Carl Oscars namnteckning 1917.

Carl Oscar’s signature in 1917.

Carl has blue eyes and brown hair. He emigrates to Viking, Minnesota with his parents and eventually finds work as a foreman.

He is drafted for WWI by his cousin Carl Gustafson and is conscripted for military service as a private in November 1917. He is dismissed from service in August 1919.

He marries local girl Esther Julia Halvorson of Norwegian descent, daughter of John Halvorson and Gena Rustad, and they settle in Whitehead, Montana. They do not appear to have had any children.

Carl’s grave in Crown Hill Cemetery, Montana. Source:

Esther’s grave at Crown Hill Cemetery, Montana. Source:

Research data

  •  signature: Carl Oscar Jacobson 1917
  •  name (others’ spellings): Carl Jacobson (1905); Carl O. Jacobson (1910)
  •  b. Säby 1894: v36249.b136
  •  d. Whitehead 1992 (congestive heart failure)
  •  hous.ex. 1894-1905
  •  cens. 1910 Viking: 1910