The Viking bridge-builder

Werner Jacobson & Ruth Sahlberg

  Ernst David Werner Jacobson (6/5 1891 – 2/3 1979)
  C3c branch []
  Son of Ida Gustafsdotter & Oscar Jakobsson
  Säby, Småland
icon-globe  Emigrated to Minnesota with his parents
  Bridge carpenter

  Ruth Esther Sahlberg (1/11 1906 – 9/2 1998)
  No children

  Primary sources

Werner emigrates to Viking in Minnesota with his parents in 1905. Many of his close relatives already live there and soon come to make up quite a substantial part of the community. His parents soon open a boarding house in Viking, and Ernst probably helps out.

He is drafted for WWI in 1917 by his cousin Carl Gustafson, who describes him as having blue eyes and sand-coloured hair. By then, he has found work as a bridge carpenter at the Soo railway line. He is enlisted in February 1918 as an engineer in the army.

Ernsts namnteckning 1917.

Werner’s signature in 1917.

He eventually marries Ruth Esther Sahlberg, who likewise has Swedish parents.

They make their home in Thief River Falls, but they are buried back in Viking. They do not appear to have had any children.

Werner and Ruth’s grave in Viking Cemetery. Source:

Werner’s grave in Viking Cemetery. Source:

Research data

  •  signature: Ernest David Werner Jacobson 1917
  •  name (others’ spellings): Ernst Dawid Werner (1891); Ernst David Werner (1892-1894); Ernst David Verner (1895-1905); Ernst Jacobson (1905); Ernest W. Jacobson (1910); Ernest David Werner Jacobson (1917); Ernest Davis Jacobson (1918)
  •  name (others’ spellings): Ruth E. Jacobson (1998)
  •  b. Säby 1891: v36249.b72
  •  cens. 1891-1905 Säby: v22067.b211.s595(1891); v22070.b194.s579(1892-1894); v172341.b221.s666(1895); v172342.b150.s988(1895-1897); v172343.b571.s1861(1897-1900); Brunskog: v169227.b500.s487(1900-1901); Säby: v172344.b64.s1902(1901); v172347.b352.s1341(1901-1903); v172347.b17.s1006(1903-1905)
  •  cens. 1910 Viking: 1910
  •  milit. WWI: 1917; WWI Veteran: 1918