Died in Chicago

Charles Beckstrom

  Carl Erik August Bæckström / Charles Erik Beckstrom (17/12 1879 – 14/8 1920)
  C2 branch []
  Son of Jenny Rudebeck Bergström & Frans Bæckström
  Tångeråsa, Närke, Sweden
  Engineer, machinist

  Primary sources

Carl Erik is an engineer like his older brother. His eyes are grey and his hair is dark.

He stays with his parents at Vasagatan 1-3 in Örebro in Sweden until 1906 when he returns to their earlier home Holmstorp, which is still owned by his father. His mothers stepmother has lived there alone for some years, but has died during a stay in Linköping 1904, so the house is vacant.

In 1909 he once more moves in with his parents, although this time they live at the family farm Grytsätter in Tysslinge.

He emigrates to Chicago sometime during the 1910s and adopts the American name Charles Beckstrom. When he is registered for WWI in 1918 he has found work as a machinist with Eric J. Strand Manufacturing Co. in 644 W. Randolph St. His home address is 1922 N. Fairfield Ave.

Charles Beckstrom’s signature in 1918.

He dies in 1920, 41 years old and apparently unmarried. He is buried in Mountolive Cemetery, Chicago.

Carl Erik Beckstrom’s tombstone, Mountolive Cemetery in Chicago. Source: Findagrave.com.

Research data

  • icon-male signature: Char. Beckstrom (1918)
  •  name (others’ spellings): Karl Erik August (1879-1920); Carl Erik August (1894-1895); Karl Erik August Bæckström (1906-1914)
  •  b. Tångeråsa 1879: v52514.b27
  •  hous.ex. 1879-1920 Tångeråsa: v52498.b10.s3(1879-1880); v52499.b10.s3(1881-1884); Viby: v52588.b263.s613(1884-1885); v52590.b283.s657(1886-1889); Hidinge: v51415.b144.s137(1890-1894); v51415.b45.s38(1894-1895); Örebro Nik.: v52777.b491.s479(1895); v52783.b429.s420(1896-1898); v52782.b164.s154(1898-1900); v146856.b1410.s1629(1901-1906); Hidinge: v146069.b600.s49(1906-1909); Tysslinge: v146769.b2480.s368(1909-1914); v146771.b3400.s535(1915-1920)
  •  icon-male WWI reg. 1918