Cared for his parents before emigrating

John Landelius

  Johan ”John” Emil Landelius (3/7 1862 – 1896)
  C1 branch []
  Son of Anders David Landelius & Martha Sophia Nilsdotter
  Björnkullen, Biskopstorp, Rök, Östergötland
icon-globe  Emigrated to America in 1885
icon-wrench  Rock maker
icon-stop  Probably died unmarried

  Primary sources

The last remains of Björnkullen. Photo: Esben Alfort 2019.

Both Johan and his younger brother Carl Frithiof stay at home in their parents’ small and poor cottage Björnkullen while they are alive, but then they both move to Väderstad, and eventually they both emigrate to America.

Johan is in service at Hygnestad 1881-1882, and then in Hagebyhöga parish, only to return to Hygnestad for a year after that. His next home is Oxelgård in Hov parish, where he spends one year before leaving for North America in 1885.

He makes a living as a stone maker in Goshen village outside Fayetteville/Springdale in Arkansas and is buried at Round Mountain Cemetery in that state.

Research data

  •  name (others’ spellings): Johan Emil (1862-1880); Johan Emil Landelius (1881-1885); Dr. Johan Emil Landelius (1882-1883)
  •  b. Rök 1862: v40051.b13.s21
  •  hous. 1862-1885 Rök: v28835.b16.s5(1862-1866); v28836.b14.s7(1866-1871); v28837.b17.s6(1871-1875); v28838.b16.s7(1876-1880); Väderstad: v27227.b245.s232(1881-1882); Hagebyhöga: v25817.b51.s39(1882-1883); Väderstad: v27227.b245.s232(1883-1884); Hov: v25998.b26.s12(1884-1885)