C1a: Skoog i Illinois

She went to America after her brother

Emma Skog & Oscar Carlson

  Emma Kristina Skog (23/2 1882 – 4/4 1941)
  C1a branch []
  Daughter of Emma Landelius & Carl Johan Skog
  Rogslösa, Östergötland
icon-globe  Emigrated to Illinois 1902

  Oscar Albert Carlson (1884 – 1965)
  Gränna, Småland
icon-globe  Emigrated to Illinois 1906
icon-wrench  Furniture finisher, joolman, machine & tool company machinist
  At least 2 childen

  Primary sources

Oscar Carlson in 1942 when he is drafted for the Second World War.

Emma emigrates from Sweden to Illinois in April 1902. She goes to her brother in Rockford, where she eventually marries the Swede Oscar Albert Carlson from Gränna who works as a finisher at one of the town’s many furniture factories. He is rather short, with blue eyes and dark hair, according to the draft registration from the First World War 1917. By then, he works as a machinist, and in 1930, he is more specifically listed as a jool machinist in a machine & tool company in 1206 Kishwaukee St. The couple then lives in 1908 South 5th St. icon-map-marker.

Emma & Oscar Carlson’s home in Rockford. Source: Google.

In 1942 they have moved to 1435 29th (or 24th?) St.

The couple has at least 2 children.

  • 1.   Martha Carlson (4/9 1907 – after 1940)
  • 2.   Stanley Oscar Carlson (7/3 1913 – Dec. 1973)
    •  Mildred

Martha grows up to be a stenographer in an office, and Stanley becomes a salesman in a drugstore.

The couple is buried in the Scandinavian Cemetery.

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Research data

  •  name (others’ spellings): Emma Kristina (1882-1902); Emma Carlson (1910-1940)
  •  signature: Oscar A. Carlson (1917); Oscar Albert Carlson (1942)
  •  name (others’ spellings): Oscar Carlson (1910); Oscar Albert Carlson (1917-1942); Oscar A. Carlson (1930-1940)
  •  b. Rogslösa 1882: v39989.b37.s67
  •  hous. 1882-1902 Rogslösa: v28744.b182.s171(1882-1894); v28746.b118.s110(1894); v28746.b110.s102(1894-1900); v28746.b51.s43(1900); v178489.b54.s44(1900-1902)
  •  cens. 1910;1930-1940: 1910; 1930; 1940
  •  cens. 1910;1930-1940
  •  milit. 1917; 1942
  •  inh. v76610.b323(1884)
  •  naturalisation: 1922

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