Emigrated to America

Mathilda Carolina Persdotter

  Mathilda Carolina Persdotter (31/3 1844 – after 1868)
  C1 branch []
  Daughter of Johan Landelius & Charlotta Samuelsdotter
  St. Herkhult, Ekeby, Östergötland, Sweden
icon-globe  Emigrated to North America 1868

  Primary sources

Mathilda Carolina is in service at Hester 1860-1861, but then emigrates to North America on May 27 in the difficult year 1868. I have unfortunately not been able to trace her there.

Research data

  •  name (others’ spellings): Mathilda Carolina (1844); Mathilda Carolina Persdotter/Persdr (1844-1868)
  •  b. Ekeby 1844: v37217.b330.s653
  •  hous.ex. 1844-1868 Ekeby: v25384.b96.s84(1844-1845); v25384.b97.s85(1845-1852); v25384.b103.s91(1852); v25387.b125.s103(1852-1860); v25387.b99.s77(1860-1861); v25389.b109.s198(1862-1868)