A family reunion beyond the ocean

Reinhold Samuelson & Inga Falk

  Reinhold Samuelsson/Samuelson (16/9 1807 – 9/2 1901)
  J1 branch []
  Son of Sophia Ulricsdotter & Samuel Svensson
  Åslycke, Asby, Östergötland, Sweden
  Farmer, crofter

  IngridInga” Carolina ”Karin/Karen” Andersdotter Falk (27/12 1813 – after 1885) (m. 1/1 1834 i Asbyicon-map-marker)
  Asby, Östergötland, Sweden
  At least 8 children – Founders of the J1a branch
icon-globe  Emigrate to Minnesota in 1873

  Primary sources

Västra Hult today. Source: Google.

Reinhold grows up in Västra Hult in Asby parish. He serves at Asby Vicarage 1824-1833, but then soon manages to get his own croft Kvarnstugan in the vicarage grounds, and on 1 January 1834 he marries the Ingrid Carolina Falk, who is serving at Holkåsa.

Reinhold Samuelsson & Ingrid Carolina Falk’s marriage in 1834. Asby parish.

They have at least 8 children.

  • 1.   HedvigHeddaSofia Reinholdsdotter (17/12 1834 – after 1869)
    •  Carl Johan Andersson
  • 2.   Anders Johan August (1837 – 1838)
  • 3.   August Reinhold Reinholdsson Ringhold (11/7 1839 – after 1900)
    •  Anna ? 
  • 4.   Axel Ulrik Reinholdsson (20/10 1841 – efter 1869)
  • 5.   Anders/Andrew Johan Reinholdsson Reinholt (1/10 1844 – after 1880)
    •  Caroline ? 
  • 6.   Samuel Peter Reinholdsson (11/7 1847 – after 1885)
    •  Hedda Maria Johansdotter
  • 7.   GustafGust” Adolf Reinholdsson Ring (6/11 1850 – 1900)
    •  Crestine ? 
  • 8.   Anton Leonard (28/4 1853 – 1858)

Hedda and Axel Ulrik emigrate to America in 1869, and Anders follows a year later. Their parents remain in Kvarnstugan until 1873 when they, too, decide to emigrate along with August and Gustaf Adolf. They settle on a farm in Skandiaicon-map-marker, Minnesota, with Anders.

In 1885 they have moved to Ellsborough Townshipicon-map-marker in western Minnesota along with August and his daughter. At the same time, their son Samuel Peter makes the journey across the sea. Thus, in the end the entire family ends up in America.

By 1900, the farm in Ellsborough has been taken over by the brothers Gustaf ”Gust” and August, while their mother has died. They now call themselves Ring or Ringhold as a surname (earlier on it had been spelled Reinholt), a survival from the children’s Swedish patronymic Reinholdsson. They thus found the J1a-branch: The Reinhold family in Minnesota.

Reinhold’s signature in 1853 when his father died.


Hedvig Sofia’s baptism in 1834. Wittnesses: Anders Hansson i Holkåsa, och H. Majstina Eriksd., Dr. Anders P. Falk i Vastemålen och Pig. Hedda Samuelsd. i Hulstugan. Asby parish.

Anders Johan August’s baptism 1837. Wittnesses: Joh. Rolf och H. Maja Andersd. i Salfarp, Dr. Carstensson i Asby, Pig. Carolina Carlsd. ib. Asby parish.

August Reinhold’s baptism 1839. Wittnesses: Johan Castensson och H. Carolina Carlsd. i Salfarp, Dr. Carl Spång i Dalstugan, Pig. Carolina Spång ib. Asby parish.

Axel Ulrik’s baptism 1841. Wittnesses: Joh. Rolf och H. Maja Nilsd. i Asby, Dr. Carl Håksson, Pig. Thilda Erstedt i Asby. Asby parish.

Anders Johan’s baptism 1844. Wittnesses: B. Lars Larsson o H. Anna Stina Samuelsdr i W. Hult, Dr. Carl Andersson i Ö. Hult o Pig. Maja Stina Petersdr i Qvarnstugan. Asby parish.

Samuel Peter’s baptism 1847. Wittnesses: Ph. Cand Wilh. Kalén, Fru Prostinnan Mathilda Fr. Hedner, Mamsell Mathilda Lindhagen och Sergeant C. Isacsson i Asby. Asby parish.

Gustaf Adolph’s baptism 1850. Wittnesses: Bruk Johannes Jonsson i Salfarp och h. Maja, Dr. Johan Johanson i Salfarp och Pig. Lotta Johansdotter ibid. Asby parish.

Anton Leonhard’s baptism 1853. Wittnesses: Bruk. Anders Peter Falk i Besseryd och h. Eva Lotta Carlsdr, Dr. Anders P. Svenson i Asby Norrg. och pig. Gustafva Johannesdr ibidem. Asby parish.

Research data

  •  signature: reinhold samuelsson (1853)
  •  name (others’ spellings): Reinholt (1807); Reinholdt (1809-1824); Reinhold (1811-1822); Dr. Reinhold Samuelsson (1824-1833); Torp./T. Reinhold Samuelsson (1833-1852); Reinhold Samuelsson (1834-1839); Torpar./Torp. Reinhold Samuelson (1847-1873); Torparen Renholt Samuelsson (1853); R. Samuelson (1880-1885); Rihald S. Ring (1900); Reinhold Samuelson (1901)
  • name (others’ spellings): Ingrid C. Falk (1834); Ingrid Car. Falk (1834-1840); Inga Carin Andersd. (1837); Inga C. Andersd. (1839); Inga Karin Falk (1840-1873); Inga K. Falk (1841); Inga Carin Falk (1844-1852); Inga Catharina Andersdr (1847); Inga Cath. Andersdr (1850); Karin Falk (1853); Inga Karen Samuelson (1880); Inga Samuelson (1885)
  •  b. Asby 1807: v36841.b100.s102
  •  m. Asby 1834: v36841.b36.s34
  •  hous.ex. 1809-1816;1822-1873 Asby: v24038.b97.s87(1809); v24038.b178.s168(1811-1816); v24040.b16.s7(1822?-1822); v24042.b19.s11(1823-1824); v24042.b10.s2(1824-1833); v24044.b15.s7(1833); v24044.b17.s9(1833-1840); v24046.b17.s9(1840-1845); v24048.b26.s15(1846-1852); v24050.b26.s15(1852-1858); v24052.b24.s13(1858-1860); v24054.b23.s12(1861-1867); v24056.b19.s13(1868-1873)
  •  hous.ex. 1834-1873
  •  cens. 1880-1900 Skandia: 1880; Ellsborough: 1885; 1900
  •  cens. 1880-1885
  •  inh. v77466.b144.s281(1853); v77466.b146.s285(1853)
  •  children b. Asby: v36841.b161.s164(1834); v36841.b164.s167(1837); v36841.b167.s170(1839); v36841.b171.s174(1841); v36841.b176.s179(1844); v36841.b181.s184(1847); v36841.b186.s189(1850); v36841.b190.s193(1853)