Eldest son of a Swedish farmer

Walter Rudeen & Anna Johnson

  Walter Gustaf Rudolph Rudeen (14/11 1884 – 21/3 1989)
  G4a branch []
  Son of Augusta Carlson & Anders Gustaf Rydén
  Rock Creek, co. Lancaster, Nebraska, USA

  Anna Josephine Johnson (21/9 1890 – June 1983) (m. 12/3 1913 at Ceresco, Saunders)
  Skogvaktaretorpet, Härlunda, Västergötland, Sweden
  4 children

  Primary sources + living sources

Walter Rudeen ca. 1903. Photo kindly provided by Karen Rademacher.

Walter is born on a farm in Rock Creekicon-map-marker, co. Lancaster in Nebraska, and grows up on another farm in Rock Creekicon-map-marker, co. Saunders, where he works as his parents’ farmhand. After his father’s premature death in 1907, his responsibilities must have grown.

In 1913 the blue-eyed and dark-haired Walter marries the Swede Anna Josephine Johnson at Ceresco villageicon-map-marker (founded 1886) and settle on a rented farm at Swedeburgicon-map-marker north of the village.

Walter’s signature in 1918 when he was drafted for WWI. Source: Familysearch.org.

After WWI they rent another farm at Ceresco, not far from his brother and sisters who are running their own rented farm. None of them probably has the funds to buy their own farm at this point.

The couple has 4 children.

  • 1.   Myron Rudolph Rudeen (29/3 1914 – 19/10 2009)
    •  Doris Gibson
  • 2.   Harriet Josephine Rudeen (4/4 1917 – 25/3 1986)
    •  Carl Sundberg
  • 3.   Warren Gustave Rudeen (16/6 1922 – 25/1 2010)
    •  Evelyn M.
  • 4.   Walter Delwin Rudeen (23/5 1926 – 7/10 1999)
    •  Shirley Ann

In 1931 they move to a farm outside Meadicon-map-marker, and in 1945 they settle in Stromsburgicon-map-marker to the west, where he found work ploughing gardens and acreages and doing work for the townspeople.

Walter was a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church, being a part of the fellowship of the churches in Ceresco, Mead and Stromsburg. He served faithfully on many boards, committees and offices. According to his obituary, he was also an avid fisherman and went fishing every summer until he died at the age of 104.

Walter Rudeen & Anna Johnson’s grave at Stromburg Cemetery. Source: Findagrave.com.

Research data

  •  signatures: Walter Gustaf Rudeen (1918)
  •  name (others’ spellings): Walter Budsen (1885); Walter G. R. Rudeen (1900-1920); Walter G. Rudeen (1918-1940); Walter Gustaf Rudeen (1918); Walter Rudeen (1930); W. G. Rudeen (1946); Mr Walter Gustav Rudeen (1946); Mr Walter Rudeen (1946); Walter Gustaf Rudolf Rudeen (1989)
  •  name (others’ spellings): Anna Rudeen (1918-1940); Anna J. Rudeen (1920); Anna Josephine Johnson (1989)
  •  cens. 1885-1940 Rock Creek co. Lancaster: 1885; Rock Creek co. Saunders: 1900; 1910; Ceresco: 1920; 1930; Mead: 1940
  •  cens. 1920-1940
  •  milit. 1918