Farming pioneers in Nebraska

Augusta Carlson & Gustaf Rudeen

  Augusta Mathilda Gustafsdotter Carlson (29/6 1856 – 21/2 1915)
  G4 branch []
  Daughter of Clara Fredrica Jonsdotter & Gustaf Carlsson
  Burhem, Lommaryd, Småland, Sweden

  Anders GustafGus” Pettersson Rydén/Rudeen (6/6 1855 – 10/1 1907) (m. 19/11 1882 in Rock Creek, co. Lancaster)
  Eket, Marbäck, Småland, Sweden
  5 children (founders of the G4a branch: Rudeen in Nebraska)

  Primary sources + living sources

The Rudeen family ca. 1903. Photo kindly provided by Karen Rademacher.

Augusta leaves her childhood home Skallyckeicon-map-marker 1st October 1882 in order to emigrate to Lincoln, Nebraska. Apparently she does this because she has met the farmhand Anders Gustaf Pettersson from Marbäck and has become pregnant, and her parents don’t want her to marry her sweetheart. They travel to Gothenburg whence they take the steamer Orlanda to Hull and go on to America.

They settle on a farm in Rock Creek townshipicon-map-marker, Lancaster co. north of Lincoln, and soon marry in the newly founded Bethlehem Churchicon-map-marker 19 November 1882. Five months later they have a daughter.

Augusta and Gustaf marriage certificate 1882.

Gustaf had family in the area – indeed the local Sunday school was hosted with his great-uncle, Carl August Rudeen icon-external-link. The Bethlehem church itself was founded in March that year by about 30 Swedish immigrants who were deeply religious and highly involved in the Swedish Mission church movement, which was the predecessor of the Evangelical Covenant Church. After their marriage, the couple took the name Rudeen in order to be associated with that family. Through the years Augusta also appears with the names Gustafsdotter/Gustafson (patronymic), Carlsson/Carlson (father’s surname), and even for some reason Anderson.

By 1900 they have moved to a farm in Rock Creek townshipicon-map-marker, Saunders co., not to be confused with their previous neighbourhood of the same name in Lancaster co.. They remain on the farm for the rest of their lives and have 5 children. After Gustaf’s decease, Augusta runs the farm with her children.

  • 1.   Minnie Amanda Rudeen (29/3 1883 – 22/7 1955) icon-stop
  • 2.   Walter Gustaf Rudolph Rudeen (14/11 1884 – 21/3 1989)
    •  Anna Josephine Johnson icon-play
  • 3.   Carl Harry Rudeen (Feb. 1890 – 1915) icon-stop
  • 4.   Lawrence Franz Edward Rudeen (13/12 1897 – 28/11 1969)
    •  Clarinda Hanson icon-play
  • 5.   Edith Marie Rudeen (1/1 1901 – 20/12 1972)
    •  Edwin Johnson icon-play

After the death of their mother, the children move to a farm (R3) near Cerescoicon-map-marker (founded 1886), where Lawrence, Minnie and Edith are registered as farmers together in 1920, while Walter has married and established himself on his own farm nearby after having originally settled in Swedeburg north of Ceresco.

The couple’s grave at Fridhem Cemetery, Nebraska. Source:

Research data

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  •  name (others’ spellings): Drängen Anders Gustaf Petersson (1881-1882); A. G. Pettersson (1882); Gust Budsen (1885); Gustaf A. Rudeen (1900); Gustaf Rudeen (1913); Gustaf Rydén (1922); Gus Rudeen (1923); Anders Rudeen (1989)
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