From mining to farming

Letta Lawver & Ollie Brown

  LettaLettie” Lucille Lawver (26/10 1908 – 1/3 2002)
  D2a branch []
  Daughter of Laura Alford & John Lawver
  Jasper, Missouri

  Ollie O. ”PeteBrown (9/10 1900 – 16/12 1995)

  Primary sources

Letta grows up in Smithfieldicon-map-marker, Twin Groves Township, Jasper Co., Missouri, as daughter of a blacksmith in one of the lead and zinc mines that dominates the area’s economy.

She eventually marries local farmer Ollie Brown (son of Joseph T. Brown and his wife Martha), and they settle at Wacoicon-map-marker .

She spends her last years in Webb City, but is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Waco.

Lettie Lawver & Ollie Brown’s grave. Source:

Research data

  •  name (others’ spellings): Letta Lawver (1910); Lettie Brown (1940); Lettie L. Lawver Brown (2002)
  •  name (others’ spellings): Ollie Brown (1940); Ollie O. ”Pete” Brown (1995)
  •  cens. 1910;1935-1940 Lawton: 1910; Twin Groves: 1935-1940
  •  cens. 1935-1940