Emigrated to Kansas

Dorothea Landelius

  Dorothea Landelius (23/10 1849 – after 1901)
  C1 branch []
  Daughter of Johan Landelius & Agnes Jonsdotter
  Biskopstorp, Rök, Östergötland
icon-globe  Emigrated to Kansas

  Primary sources

Dorothea grows up at Givetorp in Rök parish in Östergötland. She goes into service at Skåningstorp in Hov parish in 1868, and the following year at Bondorlunda Södergård in Strå parish. In 1870 she moves to Stavlösa Södergård in Orlunda, where she spends two years before returning to her parents at Givetorp.

In 1881 she decides to emigrate to Kansas, where I have unfortunately not been able to trace her.

In 1901 she signs the estate inventory after her father from Ödeshög, probably from her sister’s place there. However, she is still given as living in America.

Research data

  •  signatures: Dorothea Landelius (1901, copy)
  •  name (others’ spellings): Dorothea (1849-1881); Pigan/Pig. Dorothea Landelius (1867-1872); Pig. Dorotea Landelius (1869-1870); Dorotea Landelius (1886-1901); Dorote Landelius (1901)
  •  b. Rök 1849: v40049.b177.s345
  •  hous.ex. 1849-1881 Rök: v28831.b22.s29(1849); v28833.b29.s29(1850-1855); v28834.b17.s11(1857-1860); v28834.b40.s57(1860-1861); v28835.b34.s23(1861-1866); v28836.b33.s26(1866-1867); Hov: v25995.b102.s92(1867-1869); Strå: v29272.b11.s1(1869-1870); Orlunda: v28405.b113.s102(1870-1872); Rök: v28837.b35.s24(1872-1875); v28838.b38.s29(1876-1880); v28839.b37.s28(1881)
  •  inh. v77102.b148.s287(1886); v77107.b276.s545(1901)