C3c: Jacobson & Larson i Minnesota / In English

The Viking bridge-builder

Werner Jacobson

icon-male  Ernst/Ernest David Werner Jacobson  (6/5 1891 – 2/3 1979)
icon-leaf  C3c branch: Jacobson & Larson i Minnesota  []
icon-home  Son of Ida Gustafsdotter & Oskar Jakobsson
icon-globe  Emigrated to Minnesota with his parents
icon-wrench  Bridge carpenter

Ernsts namnteckning 1917.

Werner’s signature 1917.

Ernest is registered for WWI in 1917. He is said to have blue eyes and sand-coloured hair. The person who registers him, Carl G. Gustafson of Viking, is probably his cousin Carl Gustav.

Research data

  • b. Säby 1891: v36249.b72

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