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Followed her brother to Minnesota

Ida Gustafsdotter & Oscar Jacobson

  Ida Christina Gustafsdotter (28/10 1859 – 26/1 1922)
  C3 branch []
  Daughter of Karolina Johansdotter & Gustaf Andersson
  Kättebo, Säby, Småland
icon-globe  Emigrated to Minnesota

  Jacob Oscar Jakobsson/Jacobson (8/11 1858 – 1929) (m. 24/3 1886 in Säbyicon-map-marker)
  Magersjö, Säby, Småland
  Boarding house proprietor; carpenter, factory labourer; tenant
  6 children – Founders of the C3c branch

  Primary sources

Ida marries Jakob Oskar Jakobsson from Magersjö, who is the son of a farm owner, in 1886.

Ida Christina och Johan Augusts bröllop 1886. Säby församling.jpg

Ida Christina and Johan August’s marriage 1886. Säby parish.

They return to her parents’ farm Kättebo in 1888 as tenants along with their first daughter. In 1895 they move to Karlsborg in Tranåskvarn, only to move on to the timber saw Lövåsa in the same area in 1897. Jakob now works as a labourer. In the year 1900 he gets a job at the factory of Sjövik Carpentry in Årnäs by the lake Värmeln in Brunskog parish in faraway Värmland.

Snickerifabriken Sjövik i Årnäs2

Sjövik carpentry in Årnäs.

A year later sees them back in Säby again, in Rosengård in the Tranåskvarn area. In 1903 they move out to Storryd, where they hire an apartment for two years.

In April 1905 their eldest daughter decides to emigrate and settle with her mother’s brothers in the newly founded village of Viking in northern Minnesota, and a year later the rest of the family follow suit. They establish themselves under the names of Oscar & Ida Jacobson. The village itself was only founded as such in 1905, so they were true pioneers in the area.

Many relatives settled in Viking over the years, and usually David Ahlfort was their contact person. He had emigrated in 1889.

Oscar gives his occupation as carpenter when the enter the United States, but he soon tries his luck as a boarding house proprietor in Viking. By 1920 he has reverted to being a labourer, however.

The couple have 6 children.

Birth notices

Hulda Ottilias dop 1887. Dopvittnen: Inh. Gustaf Adolf Gustafsson och h. Anna Sofia Jakobsdr från Koletorp u. Magersjö. Säby församling.

Hulda Ottilia’s baptism in 1887. Witnesses: Inh. Gustaf Adolf Gustafsson och h. Anna Sofia Jakobsdr från Koletorp u. Magersjö. Säby parish.

Alma Oskarias dop 1889. Dopvittnen: Arrend. Johan Karlsson och h. Ida Johansdotter från Kättebo. Säby församling.

Alma Oskaria’s baptism in 1889. Witnesses: Arrend. Johan Karlsson och h. Ida Johansdotter från Kättebo. Säby parish.

Ernst David Werners dop 1891. Dopvittnen: Arb. David Jakobsson o h. h. Mathilda Karolina Lager fr. Magersjö. Säby församling.

Ernst David Werner’s baptism in 1891. Witnesses: Arb. David Jakobsson o h. h. Mathilda Karolina Lager fr. Magersjö. Säby parish.

Karl Oskars dop 1894. Dopvittnen: Föräldrarne. Säby församling.

Karl Oskar’s baptism in 1894. Witnesses: Föräldrarne [i.e. the parents]. Säby parish.

Axel Einars dop 1897. Dopvittnen: Föräldrarne. Säby församling.

Axel Einar’s baptism in 1897. Witnesses: Föräldrarne. Säby parish.

Frans Joels dop 1902. Vitnen: Föräldrarne. Säby församling.

Frans Joel’s baptism in 1902. Witnesses: Föräldrarne. Säby parish.

Research data

  •  name (others’ spellings): Ida Christina (1859-1885); Ida Kristina (1885-1912); Ida Kristina Gustafsdotter/Gustafsdr (1886-1905); Ida Jacobson (1905-1922); Ida Jacobsson (1911-1912)
  •  name (others’ spellings): Jakob Oskar Jakobsson (1886-1906); Arrend./Arr. Jakob Oskar Jakobsson (1886-1895); Jacob Oskar Jacobson (1905); Jacob O. Jacobson (1905-1910); Oskar Jacobsson (1911-1912); Oscar Jacobson (1920)
  •  b. Säby 1859: v36245.b115.s217
  •  m. Säby 1886: v36248.b29
  •  hous. 1859-1905 Säby: v22054.b51.s328(1859-1860); v22056.b48.s438(1861-1866); v22059.b57.s392(1867-1871); v22061.b168.s549(1872-1879); v22065.b163.s537(1880-1885); v22067.b211.s595(1885-1886); v22066.b183.s170(1886-1888); v22067.b211.s595(1888-1891); v22070.b194.s579(1892-1894); v172341.b221.s666(1895); v172342.b150.s988(1895-1897); v172343.b571.s1861(1897-1900); Brunskog: v169227.b500.s487(1900-1901); Säby: v172344.b64.s1902(1901); v172347.b352.s1341(1901-1903); v172347.b17.s1006(1903-1905)
  •  hous. 1886-1905
  •  cens. 1910-1920 Viking: 1910; 1920
  •  cens. 1910-1920
  •  inh. v497173.b1970.s13(1911); v497173.b1990(1911); v497173.b2000.s14(1912); v497173.b2010(1912)
  •  inh. v497173.b1970.s13(1911); v497173.b2000.s14(1912)
  •  children b. Säby: v36248.b173(1887); v36249.b33(1889); v36249.b72(1891); v36249.b136(1894); v172368.b57.s53(1897); v172370.b6.s2(1902)
  • icon-male imm. 1905

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