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An emigrant

Carl Gustaf Gustafson

  Carl Gustaf Gustafsson/Gustafson (18/12 1857 – 17/11 1902)
  C3 branch []
  Son of Karolina Johansdotter & Gustaf Andersson
  Säby, Småland
icon-globe  Emigrated to America 1880

  Primary sources

Carl Gustaf emigrates to America in 1880, 23 years old. He is buried in Viking Cemetery in 1902, although the village of Viking, where much of his family settled later, was only officially founded in 1905. However, the cemetery goes back to 1886, so there must have been some settlement already at that time.


  •  name (others’ spellings): Carl Gustaf (1857-1880); Gustafson (1902)
  •  b. Säby 1857: v36245.b91.s169
  •  hous. 1857-1880 Säby: v22054.b51.s328(1857-1860); v22056.b48.s438(1861-1866); v22059.b57.s392(1867-1871); v22061.b168.s549(1872-1879); v22065.b163.s537(1880)

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